Cigar Lounge Owner’s Guide to Smoke Removal

Guide to Smoke Removal Cover-732727-edited.pngOwning and operating a cigar lounge comes with many rewards and also some challenges — including how to handle smoke removal. Buying a smoke eater can raise a lot of questions, such as: What size do I need? How much should I expect to spend? What does maintenance look like over time? 

Other aspects of your business — such as location or features of the space — may also affect which smoke eater makes sense for you. Fortunately, we can help make your purchase easier. 

This information in this ebook is based on Pure n Natural's 30 years of experience assisting business owners in choosing air purification systems that work best for protecting their property, customers and staff. You'll learn about: 

  • Best practices for room ventilation
  • Dealing with regulations 
  • Deciding between media and electronic units
  • Other features to consider
  • How to make a purchase 
This guide also includes real case studies from the owners of successful cigar lounges! 

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